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World Recognition for Quality Napoleon makes a great line of high quality barbeques, and makes several different models to accommodate any type of grilling. From large Stainless Steel models to a 2 burner cast aluminum barbecues. Napoleon has been making grills for years and always takes into consideration customer feedback to always improve each and every model available. Napoleon is a Canadian company and has warehouses in the U.S. that ships to all it's dealers across the United States. Napoleon grills range from price point BBQ's to top of the line BBQ's with infra red bottom burners. All of Napoleon Barbecue grills have Stainless Steel Lifetime Warranty burners. Napoleon Prestige series grills have center mounted roll top lids with stainless steel handles and when you open the lid you'll know that it is a very high quality grill and that it's designs are flawless. It opens very easily, smooth, and solid as a rock (I have a $4,500 grill in the showroom and I think the Napoleon hood feels more solid and better designed)


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